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Viktoria is a singer/songwriter from Fort Worth. Her haunting lyrics and unique song arrangements make her an instant favorite among all who hear her music.




Mount Olympus


The Hip-Hop Collective, Mount Olympus, from Fort Worth features artists Dru B Shinin', Wrex Washington and Young Zeus. The group, which is reminiscent of the Wu-Tang Clan, also features appearances by Cali4nia Cuddy, Big Cliff, J Kush, and A-Roy.





J-Marie is a new pop/dance artist from Fort Worth whose unforgettable sound brings instant life to any track.



Daniel "No C" Davenport


Daniel “No C” Davenport has been an MC for many years in the Dallas Fort Worth location.

A skilled freestyle MC and songwriter, No C works closely with G1 on his and other artists’ projects.





Known for his smooth soulful vocals, Dalon Allen is a Dallas TX native who has been with G1 from the very beginning.







Matthew "Furious" Millwood is an up and coming dancehall artist who grew up as childhood friends with Giggy in Kingston Jamaica. Currently based in FL, he continues to work with G1 on various projects.






Sunsetter has been involved in many aspects of the music industry. Starting out playing guitar in multiple bands at a young age, Sunsetter moved on to become a DJ, and is now a producer.

More recently Giggy and Sunsetter have formed the band Black Pagoda.







Hailing from Kingston Jamaica, Calado is an emerging dancehall artist steadily climbing the charts in Jamaica.





Ricardo “shrimpy” Meikle  (right) is the owner and CEO of G-Law Records based in Kingston Jamaica. G1 and G-Law continue their successful partnership on numerous dancehall projects.